About us




Maloons Finance and Management Advisory (MFMA) is an established consultancy firm in the Sultanate of Oman. Its main business partner is MaLoons Group that consist of three companies namely MaLoons CaPital, MIF Consulting and Maloons Industrial that offer a wide range of business, strategic, industrial, financial and investment services. It is also associated with other international companies that are specialized in different aspects of businesses. MFMA offers management services and corporate finance services (through our partners) and products to enhance business performance.

MFMA focuses on development and improvement of business performance, enhancement of productivity and optimization of profitability of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large companies.

We Provide best Solutions

MFMA explores, studies and analyzes opportunities to set direction for companies to attain their respective goals and targeted results within the desired time frame. We have served leading firms of all sizes in the region with the cooperation of our international partners providing the following services and products:

Corporate Governance and Financial Management Services

Corporate Finance Services

Government Advisory Services

Lending and Risk Management Solutions

Corporate Identity Enhancement

MFMA’s main thrust is finding better solutions to enhance performance, profitability and operational efficiency for companies through inter-disciplinary approach to problem solving with professional support from its international associates..

Study & Analyze

The companies, their business model, competitive edge, policies and procedures and mode of operation These phases of evaluation provide us a better understanding of the company, how they operate, management and decision makers’ time reaction to changes that would affect the business, the positive factors that will impact on growth and earning potential and identification of opportunities.

Formulate plans

Plans of action and appropriate business solutions. We outline plans, strategies and develop systematic approach in resolving identified issues that would lead to concrete solutions.

Make recommendations

We advise management on the approach to take, the applicable options and countermeasures for a more effective application of the solution.

MFMA collaborates with clients on their objectives, explores their potentials, analyzes their strengths and weaknesses, and creates the appropriate motivation and direction to stretch their capabilities to achieve the desired goals.

MFMA provides solutions and strategies through direct consultation and cooperation with international partners.
We add value in the debt arrangement process by furnishing all the required information and bridging the communication gap between the client and the financial organization that could expedite the decision process for our clients.